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Hawkins Staffordshire Mix Brindle

Hawkins Tile, Staffordshire Brindle mix 


10.5 x 6.5"


inc VAT £0.60

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Hawkins Staffordshire Mix Brindle

Sandfaced Hawkins tile, Staffs brindle mix excellent for new builds project or restoration work in local area. 

- 10.5 x 6.5"

- Genuine reclaim 

- Accessible nail holes 

- A mix of red and blue colouring with weathering on the face 

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This item will be delivered on pallets using a pump truck and tail lift vehicle. Please contact us for a quote if you require a crane/hiab offload vehicle for delivery.

Each single pallet will hold approximately 750 tiles, this will incur 1 pallet charge.

If additional quantities are required (750+ tiles), extra pallet charges will apply.

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