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Transform Your Property with Architectural Salvage

Including salvaged architectural products within your garden and property is not only a surplus to the environmentally conscious consumer, but ensures you a unique and timeless product which cannot be purchased elsewhere. Whether you’re looking for a classic piece or something more unusual, the growing popularity of sourcing genuine reclaimed products from yesteryear means it is now easier than ever to discover the perfect item. With goods recovered from demolitions of historic locations to reclaimed pieces which can be upcycled, you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes. We have rounded up a few of our favourite items below which are in stock now.

Victorian Stone Feature
Victorian stone bench feature with engraved date
This stunning stone feature was reclaimed from a local demolition site. As can quite clearly be seen by the notable date carefully engraved in to the sleek stone, the piece dates back to the Victorian era and has weathered well over time. This would look at home in any style garden and would be suitable for a variety of uses including a bench or a platform for displaying exotic plants.

Cart Wheels
Reclaimed wooden cart/wagon wheel decorative feature
Classic wooden cart wheels, or wagon wheels as they are also known, would have led a colourful former life as part of a fully functioning cart. Wooden carts and wagons were used as a mode of transport carrying either people or goods, depending on the size. The vintage wheels have a steel centre and banding around the outer edge which would complement any rustic style setting. Hang indoors to create an ornate feature wall or display externally alongside additional historic features.

Victorian Sandstone Frontage

Bursting with character, this extravagant stone feature was recovered from the historic Whittingham Asylum previously situated near Preston before its demolition in recent years. The piece was originally a part of the roofing structure which was believed to be located above one of the main entrances to the building. This is truly an architectural piece for the history lovers, a one-time chance to own a section of the former grand building.

Reclaimed Oak Barrels
Reclaimed wooden oak barrels on vehicle
With a multitude of uses, oak barrels are one of our most versatile products which can be upcycled in a variety of ways. From outdoor water features to indoor furniture, with the right tools and a little manpower the possibilities are endless.

Sandstone Grinding Wheel
Reclaimed sandstone grinding wheel garden feature
Grinding wheels were used for grinding and sharpening mostly metal items such as tools by hand, today they are used extensively across a variety of manufacturing stations, are no longer made with sandstone and mostly powered by machines. This aged sandstone wheel still retains its original coarse texture and would be perfectly at home displayed in a rustic style courtyard or patio area.

Chimney Pots
Collection of reclaimed chimney pots in reclamation yard
Our reclaimed chimney pots were sourced from the chimney stacks of Victorian properties during their demolition. Ranging from painted white to original glazed brown, installing an original chimney pot in your garden can create an interesting focal point. Change the colour to suit your garden theme using spray paints or even transform in to a planter by lining and adding some eye-catching flowers.

As we are a reclamation yard, we have a passion for antiques and take great pride in carefully selecting great quality products which our customers will love. Many of our architectural salvage items make for great features when installed in commercial and private properties alike. If you would like any advice or more information on any of our products, please call us on 01952 750816.

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