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Top Uses for Reclaimed Oak Barrels

With the ever growing demand for reclaimed materials for building work, renovations and internal décor, consumers are finding many creative ways to incorporate pre-loved items in to their homes. With a vast array of creative uses there is little doubt you will have heard of the wonder that is retired oak barrels, their rustic appearance and solidity make them an ideal starting material to incorporate a truly unique piece in to your garden and home. With this in mind we've put together a list of our favourite ways to customise and transform oak barrels. 

Garden Planters
Likely the most obvious use of all, the trusty garden planter is a timeless feature which will suit every garden style. Simply cut a full size barrel in half and you have yourself two attractive planters which can be left as they are or painted/oiled before filling and planting.

Water Features
Oak barrels can be cut and arranged in a variety of ways to achieve a water feature which is unique to you and your garden.

Water Butts
An attractive feature which can be incorporated in to most gardens, a reclaimed barrel water butt will give your garden a rustic, classic feel.

Bar Tables
With usage suitable for both indoors and outdoors, a simplistic bar table can set the scene when entertaining, simply add a round table top for the perfect DIY table. Feeling adventurous? Why not create some high stools for your new bar table using extra barrels!

Storage Tubs
 An interchangeable item which can be used indoors or outdoors, storage tubs or buckets are an ideal an easily accessible solution to tidying away your clutter. Similarly to garden planters, the storage units are made by halving a full size barrel, just treat with oil or paint and you can store many items such as firewood, garden tools and outdoor shoes.

Pet Beds
If you are feeling creative why not give your beloved pet a new place to comfortably rest with a barrel bed. Cut a barrel down to the required height, add a comfortable cushion and you’re sure to be in your pets good books.

Previously used to hold wine, we supply solid oak barrels which feature steel banding, are heavy duty and water tight; ideal for all of the above uses and more. We have a large stock available so should you embark on a creative reclaimed barrel project, feel free to call us and speak to one of our experienced team.

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